Product Features

Nature: selection high quality tea leaves as raw material.

Safe: Ultra-filtering technology completely removes pesticide residues and no heavy metal. All products are SGS and CFIA tested and approved.

Expert in technology: Creates Modern Tea’s unique low temperature extraction and ultra-filtering technology.

Easy to brew: solid tea is completely dissolvable in hot or cold water without dealing with nuisance of tealeaves or tea bags.

Healthy: Modern Tea’s technology keeps all original nutrition and benefits of tea in the solid tea.

Pure: All Modern Tea’s ingredients are pure tea, there is absolutely no additive, artificial color or flavor, or preservative in the entire production process.

Taste: The Modern Tea’s technology keeps original taste of tea but more smooth. The taste of tea can be adjusted by using different volume of water.

Our Core Value

Modern Tea’s core value is producing the best quality, safest and healthiest tea to the world,
with the most competitive advantages.

About Us

Modern Tea is the world leading manufacturer and supplier of various types of solid tea (Cha Gao in mandarin) since 2002. The solid tea is the remarkable invention by our senior biopharmaceutical Research and Development team. It is made by Modern Tea’s unique technology of low-temperature extraction and ultra-filtering, which is full of the essence of tea nutrition and benefits from natural tea leaves. The solid tea’s safe, healthy, continent and environmentally friendly features create the new generation of tea for the world.

Modern Tea LLC is a USA company that is in charge of wholesale and retail in the USA, U.K., and all other EU countries; with Modern Tea Ltd (China), the manufacturer that is strictly operated and monitored by international pharmaceutical standards and HACCP; and Modern Tea Ltd is in charge of wholesale and retail in Canada.

Modern Tea has earned the highest reputation and market share and been sales champion of the solid tea (instant tea) industry for the last teen years in China.