Send us an email at hello@moderntea.co if you’ve more questions.

  • Does modern tea contain any tea leaf?

    No. Our products are tea nutrition extractions, hence there is no tea leaf in any Modern Tea’s product at all.

  • Does modern tea have any additive, such as sugar, chemical, gluten etc?

    No. Modern Tea products’ core value is healthy tea, therefore, we prohibit using any additive, sugar, or chemicals in our productions. And our production lines are built and strictly operated under the international pharmaceutical standard in order to ensure our products are 100% secure.

  • Can I use modern tea as recipe?

    Yes, you can.

  • How much water do I need for brewing a cup of modern tea?

    We recommend using about 250-350 ml (8-12 oz) per 0.5g serving packet as standard water volume. You can also adjust using different water volume according to your preference.

  • Are all Modern Tea’s products gluten free?

    Yes, all Modern Tea’s products are gluten free.

  • Do I have to sign for my shipment when it arrives?

    No. Modern Tea’s package is designed for envelop mailing in order to avoid our customers dealing any hassle of the delivery.

  • Can I sell Modern Tea products in my establishment?

    We are now working with food service distributors, however, we need to evaluate if your establishment is the right fit for our brand before we start selling to you. Please email hello@moderntea.ca to start the process.

  • Can I offer Modern Tea in my retail store?

    Please email hello@moderntea.ca for further enquiry.

  • Can I offer Modern Tea in my office?

    Yes! We are working with the office distributors now, please email hello@moderntea.ca to get your office set up.